Bianca Annalisa Smith was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest by her mother and stepfather, both elementary school teachers, along with her three siblings. Throughout her life, Bianca recognized the pivotal impacts physical and mental health played in hers and her family's lives. This led her down a path towards leadership in food justice and public health initiatives as a registered dietitian. In her work, Bianca has fought to enhance children's access to healthy food and has helped institutions build healthier environments that promote environmental sustainability. 


As a queer lesbian woman who was a close witness to homophobia, addiction, domestic abuse, and mental health challenges throughout her life, Bianca realized the importance of creating a world where everyone can feel the healing sense of belonging. She recognized she could use her strength from her unconventional life experience as an opportunity to amplify issues in the LGBTQ+ community, as well as other social justice issues, through her writing. 

Message from the Author: A Place Where We Belong

I was raised in a world where people like me were told they don't belong. It's the reason why learning to love myself was the hardest thing I've ever done. And it's the reason why I dedicate my life to creating a world where people forced to live in the shadows and the margins can be seen, heard, and loved.

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